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The art of the Italian cuisine is remarkable by its simplicity and definition of taste, relying mainly on the quality of the ingredients. At Casa Gio we embrace and respect this wonderful evolving cuisine, and we celebrate its regional diversity by preparing traditional dishes that still is the core of their cultural identity. In our little and intimate restaurant reigns an atmosphere of conviviality.

Weekly menu

We offer a menu that varies frequently based on local fresh ingredients and seasonal food, offering a better taste. In addition, we use high quality products imported from Italy. Genuine interest in studying our ingredients is our strength and the core for composition of our dishes that we carefully prepare using simply the very best available products. In our open kitchen we proudly prepare everything by hand, such as pasta, bread and desserts. We believe that slow cooking is patiently taking the time that a specific dish requires for the ultimate end-result.

Our wines

It has been said that a meal without wine is food without soul. We offer a small selection of solely Italian wines from different regions, carefully selected among these niche producers with small scale production, often bio-dynamic, as well as renowned producers.
LAST EVENT – Wed. 06. April 2016

Wine Makers Dinner with Cascina Baricchi

The 6th of April one of our wine producers, Cascina Baricchi, visited our restaurant and provided matching wines to our delicious Italian 4 courses menu. Baricchi is a wine producer from the Langhe walley in Piedmont, Italy, and produces marvelous wines such as Barbera d’ Alba and Barbaresco, but also the more unknown wines, like the marvelous white wine based on the ancient Timorasso grape. Baricchi is a small-scale producer, dedicated to the traditional production methods, and during the event he presented his last available vintages.



Generally, we have two settings, the first from 17.00 to 19.00, and the second from 19 and onwards. The kitchen will close 22.00, except for Sundays when we close the kitchen at 21.00. If you want to bring a group of 10 or more persons, we will occasionally agree to open on Tuesdays as well.


Note: You can not make a reservation online any later than 15.00 the same day. Please do not hesitate to call us and we will try to do our best to be flexible.


Our cancellation policy: Due to limited space cancellation must be made 72 hours or more before prior arrival.